Monthly Archives: August 2014

CEA Shares Plan for Shopping Center

In a meeting hosted by the Mayor and Ward 5 Councilor Martin, members of the Brimbal Avenue Advisory Committee and interested neighbors were informed about the current plans for the development of the landfill.  The plan (see above) contains the original Whole Foods (one audience member asked why we needed to go through the election if this was always going to be built – good question), a 2-story office building and space for other tenants occupying space less than 5,000 sq feet.  Two restaurants are included – one a small sit down (4,500 sq ft) and the other  a take out with no drive through (2,800 sq ft.).

The architects for this project are the same who designed Market Street in Lynnfield.  The office building contains a one story underground parking garage for employees, and there are 395 additional parking spaces above ground.  The Whole Foods is the only building with a rear loading dock for deliveries, all others will receive goods through the front of the building.

CEA will be applying for permits in Mid-September and the first public hearing should be in October.  CEA hopes to finish the permitting process by the end of the calendar year.  Construction is anticipated to take approximately two years.

There are still a number of unanswered questions (e.g. exact plans for remediating the dump site) and steps to take (e.g., high Planning Board and DOT involvement).  We will let you know about all opportunities for public involvement as they occur.