Maps and Site Plans

There are a lot of maps out there describing the Brimbal Avenue interchange project and the CEA shopping center, “North Shore Crossing,” and they can be mighty confusing. We will provide maps and site plans as we get them, in addition to providing you with access to past plans, either here or under Documents.

This is the site plan for the shopping center, issued by CEA on January 5, 2015 for review . Click on it to enlarge it.NewBrimbalSitePlan1_05_2015 (2)



This map is from July 2004 and was prepared by the City of Beverly and the MA Highway Department. The map was submitted to the MA Office of Environmental Affairs to explain roadway improvements that the City of Beverly hoped to construct in 2007. The entire application without figures is here. This is the important part: the map shows that in 2004 the City of Beverly wanted roadway improvements that did not involve development of land at the Brimbal Avenue interchange.

Map 1

2004 Map. Click to view the full-size image.